Stuff I use every day

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Stuff I use every day
Photo by Christopher Gower / Unsplash

Greetings everyone. Today I decided to share software programs and websites I use daily.

Websites and services (cross-platform)

  • ProtonMail — This is where my main mail domain is hosted, ProtonMail provides a solid and fast email experience with servers that aren't blocked anywhere significant.
  • Kagi — It is a new search engine that is currently in beta access and that aims to be private but also provide high-quality results. I have been beta-testing it for now some time and so good so far. At some point, I may do a special article on it when it releases.
  • GitHub — Of course, the largest website to collaborate on code, most of my work is hosted there.
  • Trello — The kanban board hosted by Atlassian, nothing much to say about it, only that it's really practical when working with a team to organize ideas and tasks.
  • Mastodon — This is my only real social network, where I sometimes post. Nothing much to say about it, it's microblogging.
  • KeyCloak — The solution I used to provide SSO across all my personal services.
  • Apex Ping — What I use monitor my apps and servers.


As you may know, the laptop I use (mostly for work) is a 2020 MacBook Pro M1.

  • CleanShot X — This program is a fancy version of ShareX on Windows, it takes screenshots but also allows you to blur, put arrows and generally modify the images before using them.
  • macOS 12 — This is the beta version of the next release of Apple's operating system. Nothing much to say about it.
  • TablePlus — I use this software to manage databases, backup them, restore them and most generally, execute actions on those.
  • Orion — It is the web browser made by the people at Kagi, based on WebKit, but with a twist: you can install Firefox and Chrome add-ons. As a (nice) bonus, it has no telemetry. This piece of software is also in beta at the moment I am writing this blog.
  • iTerm2 — Basically the best terminal emulator for Mac.
  • Visual Studio Code — The editor I use for everyday stuff, from Python to TypeScript. A version without telemetry exists and is called VSCodium.
  • Insomnia — It is a program made to debug, test, and make request to REST APIs.
  • Element — The best Matrix client out there.

Desktop (gaming rig)

This one is a generic gaming rig, so don't expect that much of a difference with other gaming desktops.

  • Steam — The biggest online video games retailer.
  • MultiMC — An easy and configurable Minecraft launcher that allows you to have multiple instances of the game easily.
  • HPE iLO — Used to manage my server instead of moving 5 meters and going there physically.
  • Element — (again) the best Matrix client out there
  • Mumble — An Open-Source and light way to talk to your friends.


This one is new this year. My server is an HP ProLiant DL360 G7 equipped with a dual Intel Xeon CPU X5670, 64Gb of RAM and totalling 5.61Tb of storage as of now.

  • ESXi — The hypervisor. It just works.


The router I currently use is a Mikrotik RB4011iGS.

I think that's enough for this time, I'll see you next time!