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Greetings everyone! As you may have seen, the blog got a new skin (again) but this time, it will be more permanent.

I've decided to finally use a dark theme for this blog as I received several complains of people asking me to add one.

Also, you may have noticed, there is now a comment section under each and every post.

Cactus.chat logo
Mascot and logo of the cactus.chat software. It is a small cactus, smiling and holding a pen.

Those comments are powered by the software Cactus Chat that uses Matrix to provide a privacy-respecting comment section. It is very simple to add it on a blog and really easy to use (if you already been on Matrix before).

Among other things that changed, this blog also supports WebMention now, it is just a small bonus but I wanted to test it.

That is enough for today and I'll see you next time!

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