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Here is some information about this website.

Privacy and cookies

This website doesn't collect nor is storing anything. The web server doesn't log anything. No cookies are supposed to be on this website (if you spot one, please email me, I'm new to ghost and I don't know if some traces can still be here).

The license

The license of the posts published here is still Creative Commons BY-SA. The rights of the images used to illustrate the posts (mainly from Unsplash) belong to their respective owners. Want to do a DMCA request anyway? You can reach the service responsible for this at dee-eem-cee-aaa-email-service@jae.moe

Lightweight version

A lightweight version of this blog over HTTP, Gopher and Gemini is being worked on as this blog is very heavy on images and scripts. Sorry, if at the moment, you cannot load the blog, or it makes you very laggy.

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