New Monmon stuff

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New Monmon stuff

Hey everyone, just a small post to say that two new Monmon pages dropped yesterday. If you are not familiar with those, it is a parody of Pokémon mainly made in and where drawing styles can change from one page to another.

Also, small disclaimer: the following texts may contain strong language for some people.

Of course, I'm not alone, it is made with a friend, Ray-Yami, don't forget to check out their Twitter account!

Someone on their knees, strangling a rubbish bag in a dumpster getting filled by red smoke.
The main character says in badly written French "What the fuck are you" while strangling this Monmon that resembles a rubbish bag in which bad graphics are thrown.
A street with several dumpsters and litter on the ground, a traffic cone in the middle of it and a building in the distance. You can see red smoke coming out of the dumpster in the foreground.
Here, we can hear the main character of the precedent shot yelling "FUCK!" in French while getting smoked inside the dumpster.

And that's all for today's episodes! The full series is available on Mangadraft (in French).

As you may have seen, I tried to complete ALT tags on this page, if you want to give some feedback, don't hesitate to join me on Matrix in my personal room ( or any common room we may already share.

I'll see you next time.