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Infrastructure change


Greetings everyone! As you may know if you are in channels sourrounding me, I finally stepped up in my self-hosting quest and got a home server to host all my stuff myself. In the past week, as I got this new machine, I started... continue reading


An honest review of the Apple M1


Recently, I've got into my hands one of the latest MacBook Pro M1 from Apple. As you may know, I've never been a big fan of Apple products, often saying those were overpriced pieces of crap. Well, surprisingly, this machine changed my mind as... continue reading


New blog engine & Random stuff


Hey everyone, I've changed the blog engine again. Why? Well, frankly, I don't even know myself. Maybe with the recent changes in my life (as you may know, I moved to Finland) I needed to change some things around here. I was browsing the... continue reading